Marc Sakoda

lead Deacon & Director of Operations

I’m Marc Sakoda and I have been with The Assembly church since the beginning, when we were just a bible study group, meeting at Pastor’s house. In being faithful to God and The Assembly church, God has promoted me to the position of Deacon here at The Assembly and Armor Bearer for Sr. Pastor Rodney Kyles.

   I am married to Shannon, we have two children, Taryn and Luke. I grew up going to church my whole life, but there was something missing. God was up in Heaven and I was down here on Earth. It was not until I met Pastor Rodney Kyles that I started to get the meat of the Word and get the revelation that God is inside of me. On February 7, 2010, I rededicated myself to God and have never looked back. That was the start of a personal relationship between God and I.

   I am on the Board of Directors for the Nathanael Foundation and a member of Chariots of Light motorcycle ministry. I am an ambassador for God and I enjoy being out in the community, talking and showing who Jesus is in my life.