Traynese Payne

Director of Hospitality & Guests Services

Hello my name is Traynese Payne. I was born in Wilmington, Delaware, but raised in California since the age of four. When I turned six years old my siblings and I were taken from our parents custody for the second time, and final time by CPS and placed in various foster homes around the Los Angeles, Compton, and Long Beach, areas until we reached 18 years of age. Even though my mother and father abandon me the lord held me and my siblings close. Psalms 27:10

I'm now married with 2 beautiful children Brianna and Jaxon. Our family was led to the Assembly church in September of 2021 and I am very grateful to God for giving us a path carved out for our family to be apart of this amazing church! Through the Assembly church I am seeing my family grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God, stronger in our faith in God and able to be used by God mightily with full manifestation of signs and wonders following. Our hearts are filled with complete joy and expectation in what God is and will do with our family!

I am honored and delighted to serve as the Director of Guest Services for hospitality, greeters, parking lot, and transportation. Our mission for this ministry is to ensure that all members and visitors feel welcomed with a smile and are informed about what's going on at the Assembly church. Our goal is to show the awesome love and light of God through every interaction with excellence!