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First, let me say that what an honor it is to pastor The Assembly Church. The Assembly Church is a Word of Faith Church that is ordained, licensed and affiliated with Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain International Church. And what a joy it is to be able to tell you what we, as a church, would like to do and be in your life. The Assembly Church strives to be more than just a place of worship. It is a growing, loving family where we focus on faith and fellowship. There are so many great opportunities here to make friends, receive ministry and affect people's lives with God's love. There is something for everyone and we invite you to browse our website and see!

Everyone needs a church home. When you have a church that you can call home something extremely remarkable happens. God puts you on the heart of your Pastor. This is when you can and will begin to receive love and care that only a shepherd can offer. So if you're looking for such a place of encouragement, strength and truth, we desire to be that church for you. Our service times are on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am.

Come on and Assemble yourself with us!

Pastor Rodney Kyles

We have what you're looking for!

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About Senior Pastor

Dr. Rodney Kyles

Dr. Rodney L. Kyles is the Sr. Pastor and Founder of The Assembly Church (non-denomination) and the Founder and President of Rodney Kyles Ministries. Pastor Rodney Kyles is an anointed business man and has been the Principal and CEO of many successful businesses, including his very own financial firm. Dr. Kyles currently sits on the board of various other companies and advisory boards guiding and ensuring their success.

Rodney was born and raised in a Christian household under the teachings of Pastor Dr. Fredrick K.C. Price. He has remained a follower of Christ throughout his entire life and has been greatly influenced by the ministries of Kenneth E. Hagin, Dr. Bill Winston and Brother Kenneth Copeland.

Rodney served as a Pastor's Assistant for over a decade while beginning his formal Christian Education under the Assemblies of God denomination.

In November of 2009 Rodney began leading a small group of friends in his home to study and learn about God. Having spent his entire life in church, Rodney knew the magnitude of the responsibility that is placed on Pastors and so he was extremely  reluctant to accept the role of a Pastor even though he knew that is what God was calling him to be. In August 2011 Rodney received a prophetic word confirming that God was indeed calling him into the five-fold ministry as a Pastor/Teacher.

The Assembly Church is a Word of Faith Church and Pastor Rodney is licensed and ordained by his father in the faith Kenneth Copeland of Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain International Church, Inc.

More About

pastor rodney kyles

  • Corona Police department chaplain

    Serving in the community is very important to the call and assignment that is on Pastor Rodney Kyles' life. One of the ways that Pastor Rodney fulfills this call is by serving as a Chaplain for the Corona Police Department. Pastor Rodney has been a Chaplain since 2019 and his duties as Chaplain include visiting sick or injured law enforcement personnel at home or in the hospital, attending and participating in funerals of active or retired members of the department, being active and present at department and city functions and events and also assisting personnel in the diffusion of a conflict.



    Another way that Pastor Rodney Kyles serves his community is by serving as an advisor to Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco on behalf of his department. Pastor Kyles' responsibility here is to act as an advisor to Sheriff Bianco in various aspects of policing as is deals with the multiple communities of Riverside County. Sheriff Chad Bianco has a goal and vision of excellent policing within Riverside County and becoming the number 1 premiere agency of law enforcement in the nation. One of the ways this is done is by transparency and partnering with the community and Pastor Rodney Kyles is honored and dedicated to be on board along side Sheriff Bianco to carry out that vision.



    Pastor Rodney Kyles definitely puts his heart and actions behind serving in the community as you can well see. Serving on the Civilian Use of Force Advisory Committee for the Riverside County's District Attorney is another way for Pastor Rodney to fulfill what he has been called to do within the community. The District Attorney of Riverside County, as the public prosecutor acting on behalf of the People, vigorously enforces the law, pursues truth, and safeguards the rights of all to ensure that justice is done on behalf of our community. Here, Pastor Rodney acts as an advisor to Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin in the cases of the Use of Force involving Law Enforcement within the borders of Riverside County to aid in the office's purpose.

The Assembly Church

Family of partners

  • Kenneth Copeland Ministries

    KCM's purpose is to mature believers worldwide in the use of their faith.  Our vision is to see believers experiencing the fullness of THE BLESSING which includes divine healing, supernatural prosperity, the God kind of love and more; operating skillfully in God's Word; and well-trained to discern good and evil.

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  • Eagle Mountain International church

    Our mission is to take a group of people and disciple them intensely in the Word of God, teach them an uncommon faith and help them stand victoriously in life.

  • David weeter ministries

    The mission of David Weeter Ministries is to teach Christians throughout the world who they have been created to be in Christ Jesus and how to live victoriously in every realm of life through their covenant rights and privileges. This mission is fulfilled when those believer become rooted  and grounded sufficiently in God's Word so that they are able to reach out to others  and teach them these same principles.   Ephesians 4:11-14

    “We are called to accomplish this assignment together. God has places for us to go to let people know that Jesus saves, heals and delivers!”

    David Weeter

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Where we assemble

Service Times and Directions


The Assembly Church is currently meeting at Harada Elementary School located at 12884 Oakdale Street in Eastvale, California.

Our Sunday service start time is 10:00 am. 

Our Pre-Service Corporate Prayer starts at 8:30 am

where anyone is welcome to attend.

     Our Wednesday Night Mid-Week Bible Studies are in 3 locations:

South Corona, Eastvale and Riverside (Orangecrest Area). Our mid-week bible studies start at 6:30 pm. Details are located at the information booth.

From OC/LA on California 91: Take CA-91 Eastbound to the 15 Freeway Northbound. Exit Limonite Avenue and go West (left) until Scholar Way and then go South (Left). Finally, go East (left) onto Merry Meadow Street and the school will be on the right hand side of the street.

From Riverside/ San Bernardino on California 91: Take CA-91 Westbound to the 15 Freeway Northbound. Exit Limonite Avenue and go West (left) until Scholar Way and then go South (Left). Finally, go East (left) onto Merry Meadow Street and the school will be on the right hand side of the street.